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Curvy+ Leggings (3xl-5xl)

Plus size leggings for women 3xl - 5xl

Get ready to see some amazing leggings!  Here is what our customers have to say:

  • "I love the velvety feel! The pattern compliments my voluptuous legs."
  • "I love these leggings! They are “the good ones” that are soft as butter!! I was hoping they would be the soft ones!!!"
  • "I'm really happy that I took a chance on Leg Smart Leggings. Very soft and the colour was just right."
  • "Omg omg omg!!!! The design of these pants?!?! Eeek! To die for!!! I LOVE THESE!!! I’m not normally a design type person but these leggings are super cute and I just can’t help myself!!!"


Plus Size Halloween Leggings
26 results
Curvy+ Legging - Pz950 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz949 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz948 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz947 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz946 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz945 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc947 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc946 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc945 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz944 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc943 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc942 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc941 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc940 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc939 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc938 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Capri Legging - Pzc937 (3x-5x)
Painted Floral Curvy+ Legging - Pz935 (3x-4x)
Intertwined Hearts Curvy+ Legging - Pz936 (3x-4x)
Puppy Love Curvy+ Legging - Pz934 (3x-4x)
Only 1 left!
Large/Curvy Legging - Pzx931 (3x-4x)
Large/Curvy Legging - Pzx930 (3x-4x)
Curvy+ Legging - Pz928 (3x-4x)
Only 1 left!
Curvy+ Legging - Pz926 (3x-5x)
Curvy+ Legging - PZ900a (3x-4x) Various Solid Colours
1 review
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