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Capes & Ponchos

Want to know what our customers have to say about our Capes & Ponchos?

  • "This is so soft and comfortable and I love the way it hangs. I can’t wait to wear it this Fall. I can smell the pumpkin spice already!"
  • "It is a lovely material and not cheap or light-weight at all, definitely perfect for fall. I love the colours and leather trimming. I am so happy with this! You have restored my faith in online shopping - at least from your store :) You see, I've bought items online before and it hasn't gone so well, the material was cheap, the sizing was for an 8 year old it wasn't at all worth it. When this parcel arrived I hesitantly opened it (kind of expecting disappointment) but WOW WAS I WRONG! I love this so much!"
  • "Bought this for my wife to go out all dressed up when she doesn't need a heavy coat. The quality is awesome; the stitching, the finished edges with the leather even the fringes look finished! She loves it & it looks great on her!! You won't be disappointed!" 
Hooded Poncho in Black


Économisez 44%
Red Button Scarf Poncho
Économisez 43%
Button Scarf - Red
$20.00 $35.00
Économisez 33%
Cafe Cape
$30.00 $45.00
Économisez 33%
Cafe Cape - Black
$30.00 $45.00
Économisez 69%
Grey Check Cape
$25.00 $80.00
Black Hooded Poncho
Économisez 29%
Économisez 56%
Plaid Cape
$35.00 $80.00
Tartan & Houndstooth Shawl - Black
Économisez 57%