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What our Distributors have to say...

I’ll provide a very honest review.  I love the clothes SO MUCH!  A lot of items end up in my closet.  Its not easy at first, it takes time and effort but once you get going with some clients and they refer other clients, it starts rolling.  Even though my husband agreed this would be a great business for me and he loves the new clothes that I have acquired – he really has NO IDEA how much my wardrobe has grown.     ~ Hiding from my husband so I can’t say my name ~


I hesitated at first but after further discussion with Liza, Leg Smart Canada and my husband, I decided this would be an awesome sideline in addition to my full time job. Due to personal reasons, I have quit my full time position and am selling leggings full time now. It works for me, for us. I really love my customers and with hard work and dedication, I have developed a very healthy client base and am very thankful for their referrals. I work from home and love supporting fundraiser vendor sales.    ~ Cathy ~


This just works for me. I host parties online a few times a week and because Leg Smart ships my orders to me so quickly I’m able to deliver them to clients really fast.  Clients feel like they are treated like a star, they order and I deliver their items to them or schedule pick-up dates/times at my house.  My clients have access to clothing and accessories they won’t find in any department store and the clothes look and feel great – I love helping my clients not only feel comfortable but special too!     ~ Sarah ~


I work full time but had a bit of debt that I wanted to get rid of so I started with Leg Smart as an interim opportunity to help with that. Its been a few years now, my debt is long gone and I’m now enjoying the benefits that would never be possible with my full time job. I sell mostly to ladies within my office building during my lunch hour, except next week since I'll be in Costa Rica thanks to my side gig!       ~ Diana ~


I’m a full time mom and as much as I love that, I felt the need to do something for me.  I researched various small business opportunities and quickly realized that Leg Smart was the only option… I didn’t have to push product, I didn’t have to sell.  The products are so comfortable they sell themselves!  I have a great group of friends and family who have helped me by purchasing through me, hosting parties and sharing my Facebook posts with their friends and this has led me to have my own successful business that I operate on my time, when the kids are at school or napping and I schedule my job around my kids… instead of scheduling my kids around my job.     ~ Janet ~


Due to an accident, I have some days of unbearable pain so unfortunately I am not able to work a standard job.  Being a Leg Smart distributor allows me to work at my own pace, keep busy and SOCIALIZE as being home all the time can get a bit lonely.  I have gained great repeat customers and made some great friends along the way.     ~ Christina ~