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*Yoga Band Large/Curvy Capri - LCCY00 (various colours)

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Plus Size Yoga Band Capri Leggings in Solid Colours

A velvety smooth blend of polyester and spandex make all the leggings at Leg Smart buttery soft.  Capri Leggings are a staple in every Canadian woman’s wardrobe and our Capri Leggings are going to be the item in your closet that you don’t hesitate to wear.  Say good-bye to pants that restrict your movement and give you muffin top and those other pants where the button stabs you every time you sit down. 

Yoga Band Capri’s feature a wider waistband than our non-yoga band (elastic waistband) leggings.  Which is better?  It's all personal preference!  Yoga Band Women's Leggings do tend to fit a bit smaller so we suggest they fit sizes 12 - 16.  

Care Instructions:  Turn your leggings inside out.  Hand wash or place inside a garment bag and wash in cold water. Machine washing your leggings without using a garment bag isn't recommended.  Hang to dry - don't worry they dry fast!  Do not put leggings in the dryer as this will cause the spandex to wear prematurely and they will lose their stretch and durability.  

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