Host A Party

Fashion, Friends, Fun and FREE STUFF!  It couldn't get any better!

What is involved in hosting a party?

As the hostess, you have two roles.  The first is to invite invite people to your party!  Invite friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and then tell all of those people to invite a guest too!  The more the merrier!  Your second roll is to be enthusiastic and create an environment where your guests will feel comfortable to shop, try on clothing and socialize.  

Will we have to sit though a product demonstration?

Absolutely not!  Parties are very casual and fun.  You and your guests browse the selection, try on clothing and socialize.  Our Distributors do not have any speech that they have to deliver.

How do my guests receive the products they would like to purchase?

Your Leg Smart Distributor will arrive at your location and bring all of the inventory they have in stock!  You and your guests will have a great selection to choose from.  Once you have decided what you would like to purchase, your Distributor will co-ordinate payment with your guest and your guests take home the products they love that day.   

Wasn't there something about free stuff?

Absolutely!  At the end of your party the total party sales will be calculated - the amount of free stuff you receive is based on the total party sales.  Speak to your local Distributor to find out more information about the party rewards!

I'd love to host a party but there isn't a Distributor in my town

Many of our Distributors will travel to nearby towns so ensure you contact the nearest Distributor and ask!  We are a new but rapidly expanding company so if there is not a Distributor near you, check back frequently for updates to the Locate A Distributor page... or....perhaps this is an opportunity for you to become a Distributor!  Check out the Join Our Team page for more information.




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