_itFit Band - Dark Night

  • 6 in 1 Styling - There are 6 different ways you can wear an itFit Band. It was designed so the front of the band can be adjusted to your preferred size
  • Micro-last Technology - Made of a unique spandex/lycra blend which is extremely absorbent and retains its elasticity even after regular use.
  • Absorbs Sweat - The moisture wicking material helps keep sweat out of your eyes during the toughest parts of your workout.
  • Machine Washable - All itFit Bands are Machine washable! Wash in cold water and hang to dry.

To find out your headband size, simply use a tailors tape or a string and measure around your head (From the middle of your forehead around to the nape of the back of your neck) & apply this:

Head Size 

 itFitBand Size 

18.5" - 21" inches 


21" - 23.5" inches 


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