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Yoga Band One Size Legging - R899


Blue Branches Yoga Band Legging

Our One Size leggings are buttery soft to the touch and so comfortable you won't want to wear anything else!  Yoga Band leggings feature a wider waistband than our non-yoga band (elastic waistband) leggings.  Which is better?  It's all personal preference.  

Yoga Band leggings and capri's do tend to fit somewhat smaller than our non-yoga leggings so we recommend one size would fit most 2 - 10.  Ladies who are taller, curvier or fluctuate between 10 - 12 will generally feel more comfortable in our Large/Curvy sizes.

Care Instructions:  Turn your leggings inside out.  Hand wash or place inside a garment bag and wash in cold water. Machine washing your leggings without using a garment bag isn't recommended.  Hang to dry - don't worry they dry fast!  Do not put leggings in the dryer as this will cause the spandex to wear prematurely and they will lose their stretch and durability.  

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