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Curvy+ Leggings and Capris

Get ready to feel the difference! Our Curvy+ collection of buttery soft leggings is designed to give you the perfect fit and maximum comfort.
3xl-4xl leggings and capris


Waistband style
Black Leggings Leg Smart Canada
Leggings Depot Yoga Band Solid Capri Leggings
soft grey capri leggings with a beautiful floral print
bold statement capri leggings with peacock feather print
Valentines day outfit soft leggings with red and white intertwined hearts
black capri leggings with white polka dots
black and white floral printed capri leggings
black leggings with a spooky white ghost print are perfect for halloween
black cropped leggings with beautiful pink dreamcatchers print on them
black and grey camo capri leggings
black capri leggings with pink, blue and teal a in mosaic pattern
black and white capri leggings with a hint of pink
Black capri leggings with a concrete grey printed pattern
Black and Red plaid printed leggings
black leggings with jack-o-lanterns
1 in stock
Black leggings with festive images of Santa, Christmas trees, Frosty and more
capri leggings with a pastel tie dye print
black capri leggings printed with a cheerful floral pattern
Classic black leggings with bright blue accents and white pixelated snowflakes
black leggings with a colourful dragonfly print
1 in stock
leggings with black, pink, grey, and green camo print
black and white leggings with a festive, wintery pattern of birds, reindeer, snowflakes, and trees.