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Leg Smart is our family owned and operated business in Durham Region, Ontario.  Leg Smart started in 2014 as a local small business and before I knew it we had an online store and distributors across Canada sharing in the love of leggings.  We have a wonderful network of ladies, some with a passion for fashion, others with zero tolerance for uncomfortable clothes (like me).  Our distributors all operate their very own small business and offer private shopping, host open houses, attend local vendor shows and markets or if you like to host a home/office party they will come to you.  I assure you, whether you purchase through our website or a local distributor, you'll do a happy dance because of the comfort you're feeling and you'll be supporting small business.  



Why Leggings?!

Hi!  I'm Liza and I operate Leg Smart.  As a mom of two little girls, Leg Smart isn't the result of my love for fashion but a dislike for uncomfortable clothes and a even bigger dislike for wearing two outfits a day - one to go out in (the uncomfortable outfit) and another that I would put on the moment I stepped inside my house (my comfy clothes).  I found myself living in track pants - I just didn't care anymore.  They were sloppy and comfortable and I loved them!  Then a miraculous day happened, I found these most amazing leggings that were not like any other leggings I had tried before.  The comfort was amazing, they weren't see through, the patterns didn't distort AND people would compliment my outfit and ask where it was from (this never happened with my track pants)!  While sitting there rubbing my soft cozy leggings (if you own a pair of our leggings, you'll have spent some time rubbing your leggings too), I decided that leggings were the solution to my sloppy track pant problem.  Leggings can be dressed up, dressed down, you can wear them to the gym, to the park with kids, the mall, the grocery store, out to dinner, you can wear them nearly everywhere and best of all - you can express your own style with the endless patterns and always be comfortable! 


Thanks for taking the time to stop by!  If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at liza@legsmart.ca