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Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

Clients frequently inquire about the appropriateness of wearing leggings to work. I empathize with their concerns because let's face it, who wants to take off their comfy leggings? The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It largely depends on the dress code, the type of environment you work in, and the design of the leggings you choose to wear.

While I wouldn't want to meet my lawyer in court and have her wearing leggings with smiling emoji's on them, if I went to see my lawyer in her office and she had a nice pair of plaid leggings with a beautiful chunky sweater, a belt and a killer pair of boots - ABSOLUTELY ACCEPTABLE.  If my personal trainer (no, I don't have one... but if I did) didn't wear leggings, I would be surprised and I think that for most retail jobs, leggings can be dressed up beautifully and you'll look great! 

Leggings will never take the place of formal wear but you can certainly accessorize with other pieces to make them acceptable at most events.  Our faux leather leggings (usually available in Autumn) can be paired with a sequin top and you'll look fantastic at a Holiday function.  Leggings can definitely be smart casual when worn with an appropriate top and shoes; that cute summer dress that you reserve for weekends because it's a bit too short can be given a place in the weekday wardrobe by adding a pair of capri leggings. 

I would think it's fun if my kids kindergarten teacher wore leggings with finger-painted handprints, if the lady who supervises the kiddy pool had on capri's with whales and if I were at the stable, I would think it's appropriate for my riding instructor to wear leggings with horses.  

I think where it can get tricky is when you're working in an office.  I believe that a stunning solid coloured top *that covers your bottom* with a pair of subtle patterned or classic patterned (plaid, herringbone) leggings is perfectly acceptable on a business casual day and if you need to dress it up a bit, add a short leather jacket or blazer, long necklace and a few bracelets.

Notice the asterisks around cover you bottom?  Very important!  Leg Smart offers a line of tops, tanks and cardigans which will help you do this but if you're still finding your tunics aren't long enough, I love the look of a tank extender underneath.  

What do you think?  


I love wearing leggings and wear them wherever possible. I like the idea of pairing them with a blazer to dress it up a bit. Right now I have a lot of printed or patterned leggings, I need to upgrade my solid colour leggings.

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