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Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

Many clients often raise the question of whether it's appropriate to don leggings in a professional setting. I completely understand the dilemma—after all, who relishes the thought of parting with their cozy leggings for the workday? The response to this isn't a straightforward "yes" or "no." It hinges on various factors such as your workplace's dress code, the nature of your job, and the style of leggings you opt for.

For instance, encountering a lawyer in the courtroom sporting leggings adorned with whimsical emojis would be off-putting. However, if I were visiting my attorney at her office and she was dressed in tasteful plaid leggings complemented by a chic chunky sweater, a belt, and an impeccable pair of boots, I'd deem it thoroughly acceptable. Similarly, it would be odd if my personal trainer (hypothetical, as I don't have one) chose not to wear leggings—it's practically their uniform! For many retail roles, leggings can be elegantly styled to create a polished look.

While leggings will never take the place of traditional formal attire, they can be elevated with the right accessories to fit in seamlessly at a variety of functions. Consider our faux leather leggings, often released in the autumn, which can be paired with a glittering top for a fabulous look at a holiday event. Leggings can also achieve a smart-casual aesthetic when matched with a suitable blouse and footwear; that charming summer dress you reserve for weekends due to its length can transition into your weekday lineup with the addition of capri leggings.

In more whimsical settings, leggings can add a touch of personality: a kindergarten teacher sporting leggings with handprint designs or a kiddie pool supervisor wearing capris featuring whale motifs can brighten the atmosphere. At the horse stable, it would be entirely fitting for a riding instructor to wear equestrian-themed leggings.

However, the office environment can be a little more complex. I'm an advocate for pairing a sophisticated solid-colored top—remember, one that extends over your derrière—with leggings that feature understated or classic patterns like plaid or herringbone. This ensemble works excellently for a business casual look. To dial up the formality, consider layering with a sleek leather jacket or blazer, and accessorizing with a long necklace and a selection of bracelets.

At Leg Smart, we offer a variety of tops, tanks, and cardigans designed for this very purpose. For those who still find their tunics a touch too short, I'm fond of the layered look achieved with a long tank top or tank extender.


I love wearing leggings and wear them wherever possible. I like the idea of pairing them with a blazer to dress it up a bit. Right now I have a lot of printed or patterned leggings, I need to upgrade my solid colour leggings.

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