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What Shoes to Wear With Leggings

What Shoes to Wear With Leggings

If you're looking for a little inspiration on what shoes go with your leggings, the possibilities are endless and you're going to have to work with what you've got in your shoe closet.... unless you're looking for a reason to go out and buy a new pair of shoes. Other than the few rules I mention below, I had a hard time finding shoes that didn't go with leggings. But, it wouldn't be fair of me to leave it at that.... so I ventured out to my local shoe store to peruse the aisles... OK, it may have been an excuse to go shoe shopping. With exception of some stunning, dressy and dreadfully uncomfortable looking heels, which you'd likely only buy to wear with a formal outfit you've already purchased, I couldn't find anything that doesn't go with leggings!
Here are a few simple Rules I like to stick by:
  • Don't wear strappy shoes that go up the ankle and/or around the legs with full length leggings. As for capri leggings, you can definitely do that!

  • Pick your Wow - If you want to wear a pair of leopard print shoes, wear them with a solid legging. If your leggings are the wow, go with a solid shoe.   

Here are a few idea's for inspiration 
Tall Boots of any Style 
Tall boots are great to dress up an outfit or keep it casual. 
Black boots with animal print leggingsBlack boots with plaid leggingsBrown boots with aztec leggingsBrown boots with Desert Sunset leggings
They can also extend the wearable season of capri leggings. Wait... what???  Yes, you can wear those capri leggings all year and add a warm pair of Leg Warmers if you're concerned your lower leg will catch a chill.
Tall Boots with capri leggings
Add a pair of Boot Socks for a bit of flair with either leggings or capri's and boots, or a Boot Cuff for that chunky sock look without the bulk of a big sock.
Leggings with Boot SocksLeggings with Boot Cuffs
Cowboy boots look great with leggings too!
Ankle Boots
Leggings with ankle boots
Combat Boots
Leggings with boots
Loafers, a Ballet Shoe or a Walking Shoe
Peep Socks are a MUST HAVE! They are like lingerie for your feet, they keep your shoes from getting sweaty/grimey on the inside (yeah, admit it, yours are too...) and they are the perfect solution when going to someone else's house and you don't want to go barefoot.
Leggings with walking shoesleggings with ballet shoesleggings with loaftes
Rain Boots
Rain Boots always look great with leggings. Pairing short rainboots with capri leggings and a blanket scarf or poncho is a definite yes for a Saturday at the Farmers Market or a carefree, cottage summer look. Tall rain boots are cute too!
Leggings with Rain Boots
High Top Sneaker
Leggings With High Top Sneakers
Running Shoes
When wearing running shoes with leggings (full length or capri), ankle socks only please.  
Leggings with running shoes
And of course, Flip Flops and Sandals work too!  


Love those animal print leggings.

Thanks for the read. As a realtor, the barefoot thing is always awkward when going into homes. Ordering peep socks now :)

I have a favourite pair of capri’s and I’ve been longing for them since last fall. I have never thought of wearing them in the winter with leg warmers. Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks for giving me the idea!

Great ideas on what shoes to wear with leggings! I love the capri with short rainboots idea.

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